LA SEDA REMOVALS International European Moving Company based in Murcia and Alicante, removals throughout Europe, the UK and Spain.

spain removals la seda

Spanish Removals

Our main headquarters is in Murcia and Alicante, although we have offices throughout Spain

UK removals la seda

UK Removals

We carry out complete and partial removals from the UK to Spain. Full service offered throughout UK.

europe removals la seda

Europe Removals

We carry out complete and partial removals from Spain to main countries of europe

Why Choose our Moving Company?

Our long history in the moving sector makes us one of the main moving companies in Spain, we have offices in most of the Spanish territory. Our main offices are located in the capital of the Region of Murcia and in Alicante.

We have many years of experience carrying out all kinds of removals throughout Spain, England and Europe, we have highly qualified professionals and thousands of satisfied clients.

All these reasons and more, makes LA SEDA REMOVALS the best option for both a moving service and for the rental of a furniture storage.

Moving company based in Spain

La Seda Removals is a moving company based in Murcia and Alicante, in southeast Spain. We have a long history carrying out removals throughout Spain, the UK and the main cities of Europe.

We are specialized in carrying out all types of removals throughout the Spanish territory at a very competitive price, we also offer storage services throughout Spain, without permanence and monitored 24 hours a day.

Weekly we cover the most frequent routes from Spain to the UK and between Spain and any city in Europe, offering complete removals or partial loads, according to the needs of each client.

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Our Services

Full Or Part Loads

We carry out full load or partial load (Not a full lorry)

Based in Spain

Based in the Region of Murcia and Alicante


We are experts in all types of removals

Packing Service

We offer special packaging services

Pet Removals

The pet has to meet the EU requirements


We have 24 hour guarded storage

Packing service

LA SEDA REMOVALS we are experts in packaging, we have different packaging materials depending on the fragility of the merchandise to be transported.

We also take care of all the necessary procedures for the removals and we have insurance for all the transported merchandise. For our clients, making an international move with LA SEDA REMOVALS is the same as if they changed their house in the same city.

Guaranteed minimum price

Thanks to our weekly groupage between Spain, UK and Europe, we can guarantee the best price for each move, since clients with the same needs share the logistics costs.

In addition, our clients will always be informed at all times of the status of the move, offering them a personal and familiar treatment.

International Destinations

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We have a virtual visit service, where the client shows us the belongings they want to transfer and in this way we can offer a tighter budget.

full packing service
storage solutions
in less than 24 hours
totally free

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Contact us Tel: +34 868 93 13 97