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Are you moving from or to Alicante?

Based in the Region of Murcia and Alicante weekly we plan different international groupage routes to and from Alicante.
We collaborate with the best transport companies in each country to coordinate your international move to Alicante.

Living in Alicante

Alicante is a port city located on the Mediterranean coast, with an area of ​​201.3 km² and a population of 337,304 inhabitants in 2024, making it the eleventh most populous city in Spain.

Regarding the economy, the service sector exceeds 50% of GDP. Other very important sectors for the economy of the city of Alicante are agriculture and industry, the latter is scarcely traditional production, and small and medium-sized enterprises, as in the case of footwear, leather, textiles and traditional toys.

Alicante’s climate is Mediterranean, with mild, relatively rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. Alicante is a city that receives millions of tourists every year, this is reflected in the percentage of international flight passengers arriving at its airport, since it represents 80% of the total. In addition to its offer of sun and beach, Alicante is a city rich in heritage and culture, we can enjoy a wide variety of cultural events throughout the year.

The bonfires of San Juan is the most important festival in the city, and they have been declared of International Tourist Interest, other well-known festivals are Holy Week in Alicante and the Moors and Christians. Alicante cuisine is typically Mediterranean, based on rice, fish and seafood of great freshness and quality.

First steps for your move

The first thing we do is listen to your needs, to understand the technical details of your international move to the Alicante, such as the cubic volume of the cargo, access for large vehicles and parking restrictions, approximate dates, addresses and contact telephone numbers and any other special requirements you may have.

With this information we can start planning your move from or to Alicante.

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Groupage shared load

Groupage is the cheapest service compared to an exclusive move. Your belongings are packed at your home on the agreed date and transferred to our furniture warehouse for subsequent transport to your new home in Alicante

You will only have to adjust to the date that we indicate for both the delivery and the day of collection and be able to enjoy your move to Alicante at the best price.

Moving to Alicante?

It is very important to hire a moving company that belongs to the main transport associations such as Froet, Fedem or Fedemac that can ensure their services.

Alicante has its own rules and regulations as in the rest of the countries. From experience we know that driving through some towns in Alicante is not easy, as their streets are very narrow and there may also be some unusual parking rules.

We have the best professionals in the area with many years of experience in all types of removals in Alicante.

Services for your move to Alicante

  • Furniture storage in Alicante
  • International transfers from or to Alicante for individuals, offices and companies.
  • Applications for public road and parking permits
  • Customs clearance of imports and exports and international transit
  • Information and customs legislation
  • Packing and packaging service
  • Furniture erection forklift service
  • Personalized advice
Services for your move

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