Furniture storage in Spain


LA SEDA is one of the moving companies that offers a storage solution for furniture and things in Spain for as long as you need

Our furniture storage are regularly inspected so you can be sure that your belongings are safely stored in the best conditions. You may need to store furniture, works of art, sports or professional equipment because you are moving or renovating your usual home. LA SEDA covers your moving and storage needs as we offer the best space solution to store your furniture for as long as you need.

Furniture storage and warehousing in Spain services

You may need furniture storage when:

• If you rent your house and need to store your furniture in a protected way.
• If you move to a foreign country.
• If you have sold your home.
• You are carrying out a reform in your habitual residence.

What does a furniture storage service cost?

The price of a furniture repository is based on the number of cubic meters that your furniture occupies and the time that it will stay with us. Obtaining a tight budget requires you to perfectly calculate the right size unit so you don’t pay for unused space. The minimum storage space that you must hire is 12m3 up to what you need. In addition, our moving company will always take care of the collection of furniture and the subsequent delivery when the contract ends.

The price of a furniture storage space is from €51.42/month up to the total space and time you need.

Characteristics of a furniture storage space

• price from €51.42/month
• spaces from 12m3
• the time you need
• your furniture protected 24h
• direct debit
• extra furniture transport service

How often can I access my storage?

At no time you will not have access to any of our furniture storage to protect the privacy of the rest of our clients. Once we take care of collecting your furniture, we will proceed to store your properties in our containers that are permanently closed until the end of the contract.

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