Is Removal Company Any Good? 7 Ways You Can Be Certain

Is Removal Company Any Good? 7 Ways You Can Be Certain

We all know that making a move is one of the most stressful situations, the best thing in these cases is to call a moving company. They will be in charge of packing all the belongings, dismantling and protecting the furniture, transporting everything safely, and all your belongings are insured. We want to give you some advice to choose a good moving company

1. The moving company must be registered in the Mercantile Registry

It is important to know that any moving company must be declared in the Central Mercantile Registry. You can check it for yourself since the company appears registered in the registry as “Moving Services” IAE Group 757. It is also mandatory to be registered in the Transport Registry and each truck used by the moving company must have a transportation license

2. Check the type of insurance and what it covers

One aspect to take into account is that the moving company has insurance that can cover the value of your belongings, but also the different risks in loading, transporting and unloading. Do not hesitate to ask the moving company to show you the insurance, its value and that the validity date is valid.

3. Choose a company that belongs to the main transport associations

The main transport associations require moving companies to meet certain requirements that always favor the client, such as having insurance for the move and making a written contract with the type of service contracted. This allows the customer to claim against any damage. Moving companies that belong to these associations often have the seals on their web pages.

4. Processing of permits and advice

In most cities and towns in Europe, the request for the OVP Permit (Occupation of Public Roads) is mandatory, this allows trucks and vans to park to carry out the move. Moving companies are obliged to know the regulations and, if necessary, request this permit in order to carry out the move with the best guarantees.

5. Waste management and equipment donation

It is very useful to hire a moving company that can manage the waste caused by the move or take care of furniture, appliances or objects that must be transported to landfills or green points according to regulations.
Some companies like La Seda work with associations to donate clothes or other belongings to people with fewer resources and who can give them a second life.

6. Furniture storage

The furniture storage service is a good resource for clients who need to store their belongings in a safe place. For example, if you don’t have enough space in your new home or you haven’t been given the keys to your new home yet. At La Seda we offer this service with 24-hour surveillance, insurance and no stay.

7. Trained staff with experience in removals

Moving companies usually have professional operators with experience in moving, which gives us peace of mind and confidence that all our belongings and furniture will be cared for and in the best hands when we make our move.